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The Organization

The Connecticut Council Of Language Teachers (CT COLT) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit membership organization that promotes language proficiency and the knowledge of world cultures.  The organization has been in continuous operation since 1968. CT COLT advocates for world language learning for all students at all grade levels.  The organization supports teacher and student activities that demonstrate language teaching and learning, and it recognizes the successes of teachers and students of World Languages in Connecticut.

The Connecticut Council Of Language Teachers is affiliated with the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), and maintains liaisons with other national, state and regional foreign language organizations, including the Joint National Committee on Legislation, the National Council for Languages and International Studies in Washington, D.C. (JNCL-NCLIS), and the Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (NECTFL).

The Connecticut Council Of Language Teachers is governed by the President, Vice-President/President-Elect, Recording and Corresponding Secretaries, Treasurer, and the Immediate Past President who serve as the Executive Committee. The Board of Directors consists of Coordinators, representing nine specific areas (Advocacy, Seal of Biliteracy, Membership, CT LILL, Teacher of the Year, Summer Institute, Community & Business Outreach, Student Events and Hospitality),  and Organizational Directors, representatives from language organizations in our state which include the following:
AF Alliance Française
ACTR American Council of Teachers of Russian
CABBE CT Association of Bilingual and Bicultural Educators
CLASS Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary School
CITA CT Italian Teachers Association
ClassConn Classical Association of Connecticut
AATF-CT American Association of Teachers of French, CT Chapter
CT AATG American Association of Teachers of German, CT Chapter
CT AATSP American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese, CT Chapter
CT LILL Leadership Initiative for Language Learning in CT
NNELL National Network for Early Language Learning
ConnTesol Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, CT Chapter
The Board of Directors also includes the Chairperson of Leadership Initiative for Language Learning (CT LILL), who is a voting member. The Board meets regularly to determine policy, to help organize conferences, student events, teacher workshops and meetings, and to conduct the business of the organization.
Directors are responsible for chairing or providing liaison to a variety of committees and/or activities of the organization such as advocacy, membership, professional development, publications, student activities, job bank, awards and recognition, and ways and means.

CT COLT seeks to improve language proficiency and knowledge of other cultures among Connecticut students through a variety of activities including: 

CT COLT recognizes and rewards the excellence and achievement of deserving students at all levels of instruction across the state by offering the CT COLT Student Awards for Excellence.  This award is granted to elementary, middle school and high school high achieving students who earn at least a 90% average and who demonstrate enthusiasm and commitment to the language. CT COLT offers to students three scholarships:  the Irene Stanislawczyk Scholarship, the Kenneth A. Lester Summer Immersion Student Scholarship and the Francofête Summer Immersion Student Scholarship (only 2012 and 2013).


CT COLT holds two major events each school year: the Annual Fall Conference in October, and a summer institute. Relevant issues of content and methodology of teaching language and culture are presented in workshops by colleagues, guest speakers and invited experts in the field. At the Fall Conference, exhibitors share their materials in the Exhibit Hall as well as during special exhibitor sessions. CT COLT offers reduced registration to student teachers, retired teachers, presenters and to beginning teachers (year 1 only) at the Fall Conference.

CT COLT recognizes language educators with the Distinguished Service Award, the Helen Amaral Award, the Robert G. Mead, Jr. Award , the Jane G. Graveen Award, and the Pegasus P.R.I.D.E. Award.

The Distinguished Service Award is presented annually at the Fall Conference to acknowledge exceptional and meritorious service to the world language profession in Connecticut. Some of the past  recipients include Robert Serafino, Robert Mead, Kenneth Lester, Toby Tamarkin, Marco Arenas, Christine L. Brown, Beverly Canell, Bert Neumaier, Paul M. St. Louis, Senator Christopher Dodd, Barbara Lindsey, Gloria Caliendo (posthumously) Christi Moraga, Linda Dalpe, Jaya Vijayasekar, Janet L. Picerno (posthumously), Vincenza Mazzone-McNulty. MaryLouise Ennis-Shoemaker, Dorothy T. Mulford, James Wildman, Amanda Robustelli-Price...

In memory of one of our past presidents, the Helen Amaral Award is presented annually at the Fall Conference to an outstanding language educator to support travel and/or study abroad.  Past recipients include Robert Bergen, Patricia Clark, Raymond Nalewajk, Mary Cuyler, Ellen Brookes, Dorothy J. Joba, Sharon Straka, Marilyn Horn, Anna Koltypin, Anna Andrews, Rosemarie Bartholomew, Stephanie Duchesneau,

In 1999, an annual award of up to $300 was established in memory of Jane G. Graveen, former head teacher of Glastonbury's Foreign Language in the Elementary School (FLES) program. The purpose of the award is to support the accomplishments of a FLES teacher by providing funding for the purchase of classroom materials.

The Pegasus Pride Award recognizes at random two language educators in each of the eight regions who represent and underscore the hardworking, dedicated teachers who demonstrate: 

    Respect for cultural differences
    Involvement or Interest in professional growth
    Dedication to students
    Enthusiasm for languages and for teaching


The CT COLT World Language News Exchange is published four times a year and reaches from 600 to 900 language professionals in Connecticut and beyond. In addition to ongoing information about CT COLT, the CT COLT World Language News Exchange includes a wide range of articles of professional interest and importance. In order to go GREEN, the CT COLT newsletter will be published electronically starting with the Spring 2012 issue.  Members who wish to receive a hard copy of the newsletter in the mail MUST contact Paul St. Louis DIRECTLY and tell him that they want to receive a hard copy.  Those who do not contact him will receive an e-mail notification when the newsletter is ready for viewing on the CT COLT website.


CT COLT maintains a job bank on this website for posted positions in the state. Please click here to view the Job Bank page.

Our Mission

The Connecticut Council of Language Teachers (CT COLT) promotes, advocates for and fosters the teaching and learning of World Languages and Cultures. We support, guide and connect educators, students, policy makers and the public through professional development, scholarship and collaborative initiatives.

Contact Information

James Wildman

Paul M. St. Louis
275 Cedar Swamp Road, Monson, MA 01057