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CT State Department of Education

World Language Requirement for Graduation from CT High Schools

Connecticut General Statutes Section 10-221a stipulate that, commencing with the graduating class of 2018 (those who would be freshmen in 2014), students must have two credits in world languages in order to graduate.  Please click here for more information.


Status Report on WL in Connecticut Public Schools 

The Connecticut State Department of Education requested that EDUCATION CONNECTION's Center for World Languages and Cultures collect and analyze data on the study of world languages in Connecticut public, charter and magnet schools. 

The Center for World Languages and Cultures at EDUCATION CONNECTION advocates for the acquisition of world languages in Connecticut's public schools.  The Center's mission is to advocate, support, and promote this cause through the following goals: 

  • Promote world languages and cultural literacy as fundamental 21st Century Skills.
  • Enhance the vitality and viability of existing world language programs in the State.
  • Develop pathways for stuents to gain proficiency in, and ultimately earn credit for, the study of world languages outside the traditional public school classroom setting.
  • Expand the base of teachers who are certified to teach world languages, particularly in less commonly taught languages.

EDUCATION CONNECTION, through its Center for World Languages and Cultures, designed and disseminated a 15 question World Language Survey to provide a status report on World Language instruction in the State of Connecticut for school year 2012.  The purpose of the survey was to determine which world languages are currently being taught in Connecticut schools, at which grade level instruction is provided, and changes that districts have made in world language offerings over the past three years and planned changes in offerings for the next three years.  The survey was developed using Survey Monkey.  This survey was e-mailed to all Connecticut public school superintendents and identified charter and magnet school contacts.  Follow-up e-mails and personal phone calls were made to non-respondents.  Data was collected and analyzed, with a focus on World Language instruction in public school districts.  The survey was conducted between August and September, 2011.  This report contains the results of the survey, as well as disaggregated reports by areas of special interest.  To view the report, please click on the link below.

Click here to view the status report.


Our Mission

The Connecticut Council of Language Teachers (CT COLT) promotes, advocates for and fosters the teaching and learning of World Languages and Cultures. We support, guide and connect educators, students, policy makers and the public through professional development, scholarship and collaborative initiatives.

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