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Membership rates are based on the calendar year (January through December). Please note that CT COLT membership is required for teachers to participate in all CT COLT activities and events and for teachers to sponsor students for contests, awards, scholarships, etc.  Please join us and take advantage of our new initiatives, as well as our well established ones.  We look forward to working with you and hope you will become involved in our many activities. Join our organization by clicking on one of the links at the left to join by membership form and check or to join by PayPal.


Enjoy the intellectual stimulation of working with colleagues who are as passionate about language learning as you are!  Here is how YOU can get involved:

JOIN a committee:

Fall Conference Committee: meets monthly from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m.

  • Subcommittees:  Publicity, ways and means, exhibitors, technology, registration, evaluation, program, hospitality
  • Can't commit to monthly meetings... Then, plan to give an hour or two working the ways and means table, registration tables, set up the day before the conference, or clean up after the conference.  Offer to be a CEU facilitator (to put doest on the CEU forms and alphabetize them in the workshop you attend).  Offer to do a workshop evaluation, or simply as "what can I do to help?"  Invite a colleague to submit a proposal about a topic that you know they do so well.

Board subcommittees: meet when necessary, often online

  • History, membership, technology, social networking, advocacy, position papers/policy, newsletter, research to support above subcommittees

Poetry Recitation Contest:  meets monthly, and more often as the event gets closer

  • Subcommittees:  Steering, Judges, Food, Set-up/Take-down, Registration, Student Guide, Parking & Grounds, Entertainment

Rhyme Celebration:  If you teach in an elementary school, offer to have your school host the event.

Technology Academy:  meets when necessary, much done online, attend workshops, host, give workshops, depending upon the need.

PARTICIPATE:   Involve your students in the rhyme celebration, poster contest, essay contest, poetry recitation contest, CT COLT awards, and ATTEND technology academy workshops and the Fall Conference.


  • to judge a contest
  • to give a workshop at the fall conference
  • to teach a technology academy workshop and/or to host one of the events
  • to write a column or article for the newsletter
  • to write letters to your congressional representative when an issue arises
  • to offer technology expertise or artistic talent on a current project
  • to research information needed for decision-making and communication, or if you want to be involved, but must do a project from home

SERVE ON THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Regional Directors' terms are two years and there are eight regions. Meetings are held every other month from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m., with a one day retreat in late June.  Directors send out timely information to the members in their regions through e-mail. If you are interested in this, speak to someone on the Executive Committee to let them know.

Organizational Directors (AAT reps) represent the many individual language organizations - i.e. AATF, AATG, AATSP, CITA, ACTR, NNELL, etc. at the board meetings and have the same duties as the Regional Directors as well as to bring information from their organizations to the board and to write articles about their organizations for the newsletter.


Linda L. Dalpe (lindald001@aol.com or ldalpe@enfieldschools.org)

Home: (860) 289-8101    School:  (860) 253-5556


Our Mission

The Connecticut Council of Language Teachers (CT COLT) promotes, advocates for and fosters the teaching and learning of World Languages and Cultures. We support, guide and connect educators, students, policy makers and the public through professional development, scholarship and collaborative initiatives.

Contact Information

James Wildman

Paul M. St. Louis
275 Cedar Swamp Road, Monson, MA 01057