About the celebration

The Rhyme Celebration is an annual event open to K-6 students whose teachers are members of CT-COLT. Its purpose is to promote children’s enthusiasm for studying world languages and cultures. The emphasis is on getting together and celebrating rhymes in many languages, not on competition.

Rhymes may include nursery rhymes, finger play, songs that rhyme, short rhyming games or tongue twisters. Most rhymes will be culturally traditional. Props, costumes, and body language are encouraged and should be related to the theme.

Laura Shahinian Kara

MS. L.Ac., Diplomate NCCAOM

I can’t stop talking about the show.  Our children were terrific!  What a great message to teach them.  Thank you to all who were involved, especially their teachers.  You all did an incredible job!  I found myself tearing up several times!  What a great way to bring all these kids together.

Any K-6 student enrolled in FLES, FLEX, ESOL, ASL, Bilingual, Immersion, Heritage, Language Camps and After School Language Programs from CT and beyond, are invited to participate in the CT COLT RHYME CELEBRATION.