Teaching for Proficiency Institute

Join us for an Engaging & Inspiring Summer Proficiency Institute with Greg Duncan

June 24, 25, 26 Via Zoom 9:00-1:30

Launch ~ Explore ~ Summarize

Update May 4, 2020:  With all of the challenges that learning opportunities have faced this year, our plan is to continue the yearly Summer Proficiency Institute online so as to end the year with meaningful learning and professional connection.  The design of the Institute has been shifted to three days to accommodate our need to not have too much screen time in a single day.  There will be a scheduled lunch break in-between full group, pairs, and small group sessions to meet all needs via Zoom.  The cost of the workshop is $100 and we will continue the work of last year’s Institute.  All language educators are welcome to join, regardless of having attended in the past three years.  This year’s program will be limited to the first 85 participants.  We sincerely hope that this allows us to continue our growth, while also providing time to examine best practices for lesson design for both face-to-face and the distance learning.  The tradition of the Proficiency Party will continue this year with each person bringing their drink of choice Thursday evening to allow us to bond as friends and colleagues in celebration of the work we are doing.

  • Launch: 9 am with a presentation by Greg
  • Explore: 10-12:15 Independent work time & Breakout sessions with facilitators
  • Summarize: 12:45-1:30 Share work and questions with Greg

With questions about the event, please reach out to Kathleen Archibald.

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