CT COLT has a variety of opportunities to contribute to the profession and to the organization.  There are different ways to contribute, from very small projects for one event to overseeing larger events.


  • Fall Conference Committee, meets in-person (and at times, virtually, depending on various factors), and it meets bi-monthly
    • Help with set-up and/or clean up
    • Sub-committees:  Publicity, ways and means, exhibitors, technology, registration, evaluation, program, hospitality, program
    • Take pictures
    • Facilitate workshops
  • Summer Proficiency Institute, meets online, bi-monthly
  • Poetry Recitation Contest, meets monthly
    • Offer to help judge
    • Subcommittees: Steering, Judges, Food, Set-up/Take-down, Registration, Student Guide, Parking & Grounds, Entertainment
    • Offer to host the event
  • Rhyme Celebration:  If you teach in an elementary school, offer to have your school host the event.
  • EdCamp CT COLT @CCSU:  Meets online, bi-monthly


PARTICIPATE: Involve your students in the Rhyme Celebration, Poster Contest, Essay Contest, Poetry Recitation Contest, CT COLT awards


  • to judge a contest
  • to give a workshop at the Fall Conference
  • to write a column or article for the newsletter
  • to write letters to your congressional representative when an issue arises
  • to offer technology expertise or artistic talent on a current project
  • to research information needed for decision-making and communication, or if you want
  • to be involved, but must do a project from home
  • to serve on the Board of Directors
  • to join the board as an Organizational Director for AATF, AATG, AATSP, CITA, ACTR, NNELL