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In light of the fact that World Language teachers are grappling with ways to help their students continue to make gains and progress toward proficiency targets, CT COLT has collected some resources and information.  As with all resources used, be sure to adhere to district policies for student use and access.  

As we are in the 3rd year of awarding the Seal of Biliteracy in Connecticut, we will be able to continue those efforts through remote testing. With that in mind, it is important to have opportunities for students to work together in the interpersonal mode of communication. Within this document, there are resources available to explain how to use services like Zoom to have group conversations and break out rooms for pair work.  

CT COLT is working to create webinars to help teachers make the pedagogical shifts needed at this unprecedented time. Please check out our newest webinars!  They are linked here and also below.

Seal of Biliteracy Remote Testing: Both LTI Testing and Avant are working to provide testing for the Seal from home. 

LTI Testing:  AAPPL & ALIRA Test  

Avant:  STAMP Test

Sources for Authentic Resources:

Activity Ideas:

  • Distance Learning Matrix - Jessica Haxhi: Comprehensive Matrix of low-tech to high tech distance learning activities across the 5Cs.
  • Choice Boards for Young Language Learners: Ideas from Leslie Grahn, any language, includes tech and non-tech strategies.
  • Google Forms: These can be used for Do Nows, exit tickets, and homework assignments. For homework assignments, they can be used as quizzes. These forms can be designed with an answer key so that, when students click ¨submit¨, they get immediate feedback. There is a drawback: There is no support for accented characters.
  • Pear Deck: It is very similar to NearPod.  Users can design vocabulary assessments as well as incorporate interactive slides into Google Slides.  Not every district will support this add-on, but there are ways to work around it.  
  • EdPuzzle: A way to add questions to videos. This is a great way to engage students with authentic resources.
  • Screencastify:  It is an extension on Google Chrome that can be used to narrate presentations of vocabulary, and to present grammar concepts via the PACE model.
  • Screencast-o-matic: Similar to Screencastify, allows you to capture your screen and add voice narration.
  • Language Choice Practice Board:  Check out this example of a practice board that you could share with students.
  • Audio Lingua: Authentic recordings in 13 available languages. Can be filtered according to proficiency level (attention: These are European proficiency levels, such as A1, B1, C1, etc. A = novice; B = intermediate; C = advanced).
  • Flipgrid: Great way for students to share what they learned in a short timed video.
  • Seesaw: Assign activities to students that can include videos, presentational writing, labeling and describing photos, etc. Great students of all ages and easy to set up and access.
  • QTALK Story Maker: Resource for creating customizable story boards.
  • National Network for Early Language Learning (NNELL): Variety of resources for educators, including access to stories and videos for students of all ages in a variety of languages.
  • CITA Distance Learning: While the resources in this Google Drive can be used as a model for any language, they are designed specifically for Italian teachers. For direct questions or collaboration initiatives please contact Gina Gallo ginagallo@bristolk12.org

Video Resources:

  • Salsa: Great for early language learners, developed by PBS. Traditional folktales retold with puppets, not from the target culture, but all in Spanish.
  • Pachas en Peru: Over 100 free videos about Peru, with interviews in Spanish, and some linked activities.
  • FluentKey: Videos with embedded comprehension questions, in a variety of languages, by proficiency level Some videos are authentic resources.

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