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Learning in Language Classrooms

Ruby Banks, Hamden High School I am not Italian, but I have always been interested in the Italian language and culture. I can remember being 8 years old when my mom asked me “Honey, if you could go anywhere in the whole world, where would you go?” I said “Candyland” but my second choice was […]

WE SHOULD TALK ABOUT BRUNO: Antiracism in the World Language classroom and the importance of having difficult conversations

Milton Alan Turner, Saint Ignatius High School, Cleveland, OH The recent Disney film Encanto tells the story of the Madrigal family whose members often have magical gifts. But there is one member, Bruno, who has apparently deserted the family under secret and shameful circumstances. The popular song We Don’t Talk About Bruno is about the […]

Celebrating a Successful Expansion of the Artwork Contest

Melissa Tubbs, Artwork Contest Chair When you inherit the organization of a student event as I did with the CT COLT Poster Contest in 2020, you tread lightly and learn all you can for the first year. The Student Events Coordinator, Judith Ojeda, planted the seed about “growing” the contest right away, however, and it […]

Yes, you CAN start a language club!

Signe Damdar, Vernon Center Middle School Perhaps you’re a teacher of a less-prominent world language in your school and you’re wondering how to increase enrollment in your language classes.  Perhaps you’re a teacher who wants to connect with students in a special way outside of the classroom but you lack athletic skill or experience for […]

Shifting World Language Education with Translanguaging Pedagogies

Karla Rivadeneira, UConn Neag School of Education In order to graduate with my Master’s from UConn, I had to complete an inquiry project. I worked with my fellow CT COLT interns, Kat Santiago-Moltavo and Larry Sacramento, on researching translanguaging as a pedagogy in the classroom. Translanguaging pedagogy is the notion of using ones’ entire linguistic […]

Glastonbury Students Support Artists from Central America

Jill Griswold, Glastonbury Public Schools This February, 7th and 8th grade students at Smith Middle School in Glastonbury partnered with the Pulsera Project to carry out a successful fundraiser to support Central American artisans. The after school club of about 25 dedicated students raised over $2,500, selling nearly 500 colorful, woven bracelets (pulseras) and 3o […]

A Foreign Language Student’s Perspectives

Samuel Merkatz, Kingswood Oxford A diverse classroom provides a wider array of perspectives, ultimately making learning languages a more fulfilling and educational experience. I have long considered Classics a multifaceted discipline, not just on account of its sprawling curriculum, but also by virtue of its rich history…